Bargaining Unit: Use for all Job Titles

Class Code: 038674 

Education and Experience: Determined by the appointing authority.

Other Requirements:

Necessary Special Qualifications: Determined by the appointing authority.

Examination Method: Determined by the appointing authority.

Job Overview: Summary: Under general supervision, is responsible for managerial Alcoholic Beverage Commission investigative and compliance work of average difficulty and performs supervisory investigative and compliance work of considerable difficulty; and performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Features: This is the first managerial class in the ABC Special Agent sub-series. The employee in this class manages and supervises all field investigations and operations statewide. This class differs from ABC Special Agent In Charge in that an incumbent of the latter is responsible for field investigations and operations in an assigned geographical region. This class differs from ABC Assistant Director in that the incumbent of the latter assists with the management and direction of all ABC operations, functions, activities, and services.
Work Activities: 1. Manages and supervises the enforcement of all laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures under authority of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission in the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and Title 6 drugs.

2. Manages and supervises on-site overt and covert monitoring and inspections of liquor manufacturers, wholesale houses, liquor stores, private clubs, and liquor-by-the-drink establishments; performs investigations regarding illegal whiskey activities and violations of drug laws by undercover surveillance developing informants and undercover buying; participates in raids and arrests and processes defendants, takes statements, prepares case actions, and provides testimony in court prosecutions.

3. Manages and supervises the serving of criminal and non-criminal warrants, citations, and summons related to state liquor and drug laws for criminal prosecution or administrative hearings.

4. Through subordinate supervisors and agents, provides assistance to other law enforcement agencies in enforcement efforts to reduce illegal activities.

5. Manages and supervises background investigations on new and renewal requests for liquor licenses by conferring with owners, managers, employees, customers, records checks, personal observations, and other investigative techniques.

6. Manages inspections of existing licensed establishments to ensure compliance with established laws and standards; provides technical assistance to owners and operators by answering questions and making recommendations on solving problems related to laws and standards regulating the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

7. Directs the maintenance of records and prepares operating reports.

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