Bargaining Unit: Use for all Job Titles
Class Code: 073443

Education and Experience: Determined by the appointing authority.

Other Requirements:

Necessary Special Qualifications: Determined by the appointing authority.

Examination Method: Determined by the appointing authority.

Job Overview: Summary: Under administrative direction, is responsible for management work of unusual difficulty in directing the operation of all Tennessee National Guard units.

Distinguishing Features: The employee in this class is responsible for directing the operations, functions, activities, and services of all guard units and supervising all guard personnel through subordinate management staff. This class differs from the Assistant Adjutant General classes in that the incumbents of the latter are over either the army or the air guard and report to the incumbent of this class.
Work Activities: 1. Through subordinate supervisory and management staff, directs the assignment, training, supervision, and evaluation of a large, complex staff and their work.

2. Reviews and makes decisions on employment, retention, promotion, demotion, and other human resources actions.

3. Directs the development and modification of policy and procedure, operations, and functions within sphere of authority.

4. Plans, organizes, and directs departmental operations, functions, activities, and services.

5. Acts as liaison between the Tennessee National Guard and other armed services as well as the general public.

6. Directs the study of organization, operations, and services and passes judgment on merit of recommendations intended to effect improvements in economy, efficiency, and quality of organization, operations, and services.

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