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Class Code: 073702

Education and Experience:  Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree and two years of qualifying full-time experience in human resource work including at least one year in the Agency Resource Center within the Department of Human Resources.

Substitution of Experience for Education: Experience in human resources can substitute for the required education, on a year-for-year basis, to a maximum of four years.

Substitution of Education for Experience: Additional graduate coursework in human resources can substitute for the required experience, on a year-for-year basis, to a maximum of one year.

Other Requirements:

Necessary Special Qualifications: None.

Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100%, for Preferred Service positions.

Job Overview:

Summary: Under general supervision, performs lead human resource work of routine difficulty; and performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Features: An incumbent in this class is employed in the Department of Human Resources (DOHR), performs lead human resource consultative work for multiple functionalities within the Agency Resource Center and acts as an assistant to the HR Program Supervisor. This class performs complex assignments and leads the analysis and process of various types of transactions for time and labor and payroll in addition to creating job postings for internal and external customers. This class differs from the ARC Program Consultant in that an incumbent of the latter functions as the working-level. This class differs from HR Program Supervisor in that an incumbent of the latter performs work of a more difficult nature and serves as a supervisor for employees of this class.

Work Activities:

1. Performs specialized, complex assignments or be the subject matter expert in one of the functional areas of time and labor transactions or job postings.
2. Consults with internal and external customers in specific human resource areas: entering and approving of transactions, processing time and labor, creation of job postings.
3. Leads others in the calculation of information for employees to verify accuracy: pay information; leave accrual and service length; benefit deduction information related to specific special circumstances.

4. Conducts audits prior to approval of all physical and electronic forms submitted by co-workers to determine accuracy: time and labor forms; manual pay requests; Edison record updates/changes; hiring logs; employee timesheets; payroll and personnel records.
5. May enter required HR data corrections of average complexity into the system to correct agency entry errors.
6. Sends all documentation for supplemental pay processes to Finance and Administration for entry and processing.
7. May monitor visiting agency representatives when entering transactions on-site to ensure that accurate data is keyed correctly.
8. Leads others in the requisition process within the applicant tracking system: approves qualified candidates in the applicant tracking system for referral to the requesting agency; creates examination plans to assign applications to vacant positions; generates position posting so that applicant can apply to vacant positions; explains the application process to applicants to expedite the application process: minimum qualifications; the vacancy posting process; returns paper applications which have not been completed correctly to the applicant; updates the electronic records of applicants who do not meet minimum qualifications to reflect rejection code and generate rejection letters; resolves applicant complaints and questions of average complexity regarding evaluation of the application; evaluates the training and experience of job applicants to determine if minimum qualifications are met for competitive positions.
9. Leads others in the approval of documentation related to transactions of average complexity submitted by co-workers: a transaction in the applicant tracking and/or Edison system: supplemental pay processes; processing of applicant lists for position candidates; agency special projects as required to ensure correct and accurate system entries.
10. Resolves, investigates, posts, and communicates errors identified during audits with supervisor and/or agency representatives based on division rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
11. Provides quality service and support in a variety of areas: advises agency representatives of corrective actions to take to correct common entry errors identified during audits; provides coaching to agency representatives on DOHR rules, regulations, policies and procedures in order to reduce errors; develops and maintains working relationships with agency representatives, outside organizations and agency representatives to foster teamwork, inter-divisional/departmental cooperation, and confidence and quality applicant evaluations.

12. Leads others in the development, identification, creation and gathering of new system queries and reports: related to auditing and requests for information from outside sources; spreadsheets and other electronic documents to house data related to the analysis of reports and other information; audit findings.
13. Assists higher level employees in developing and creating new process workflows based on experience in the position.
14. Leads other in the entering of data for tracking, processing and reporting for the executive leadership team.
15. Assists supervisor with troubleshooting issues with form and/or record auditing to develop plans of action for resolution.
16. May analyze external requests, including but not limited to court orders, military orders, and legislative directives to determine how transactions should be corrected to ensure compliance.

Competencies (KSA’s):


  1. Drive for Results
  2. Composure
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Self-Development
  5. Dealing with Ambiguity
  6. Decision Quality
  7. Learning on the Fly
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Functional/Technical Competency
  10. Time Management



  1. Basic knowledge of auditing procedures, standards, and best practices
  2. Basic knowledge of law and government as it relates to candidate selection
  3. Intermediate knowledge of personnel and human resources principles and procedures
  4. Intermediate knowledge of HR topics related to the assigned specialty area for the position
  5. Intermediate knowledge of computer operation
  6. Basic knowledge of office equipment operation
  7. Basic knowledge of project management procedures and best practices
  8. Intermediate knowledge of math (algebra)
  9. Basic knowledge of clerical procedures and systems
  10. Knowledge of customer and personal services
  11. Knowledge of operation of telecommunication systems



  1. Speaking skills
  2. Persuasion skills
  3. Reading comprehension skills
  4. Active listening skills
  5. Complex problem solving skills
  6. Judgment and decision making skills
  7. Troubleshooting skills
  8. Service orientation skills
  9. Monitoring skills
  10. Instructing skills
  11. Critical thinking



  1. Intermediate oral expression abilities
  2. Problem sensitivity abilities
  3. Intermediate oral comprehension abilities
  4. Intermediate written comprehension abilities
  5. Intermediate written expression abilities
  6. Mathematical Reasoning

Tools and Equipment Used:

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Telephone
  3. Fax Machine
  4. Printer
  5. Copy Machine
  6. Scanner
  7. Microfiche
  8. Microfilm
  9. Calculator
  10. Other office related equipment as required


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