Bargaining Unit: Use for all Job Titles
Class Code: 073411

Education and Experience: Determined by the appointing authority.

Other Requirements:

Necessary Special Qualifications: Determined by the appointing authority.

Examination Method: Determined by the appointing authority.

Job Overview: Summary: Under general direction, is responsible for professional managerial and supervisory work of average difficulty; and performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Features: An employee in this class directs a line or staff function having significant impact upon the achievement of the goals of state government. Typically, this class differs from lower level classes in the classified service by the overall management responsibility exercised in ensuring that functions directed by lower level classes are well integrated and coordinated through focused managerial effort. This class differs from that of Assistant Commissioner 2 in that incumbents of the latter generally direct work in organizations with greater numbers of total subordinates and often direct functions which are more varied in composition and therefore, more complex in structure.
Work Activities: 1. Plans, organizes, and directs assigned departmental operations and services such as may relate to the conduct of administrative services, veterans affairs, agri-industries, credit union examining, savings/loan examining, securities examining, human resources, employment security or other comparable level assignment

2. Has major responsibility for participating in the development, coordination, origination, and execution of policy and methods for assigned functions and departmental operations; directs, reviews, and participates in the study of assigned operations, functions, and activities and makes recommendations and decisions on same for improvement regarding policy and methods.

3. Assigns, trains, supervises, and evaluates chief subordinate staff and their work; makes recommendations and decisions on human resources actions such as employment, promotion, demotion, reprimand, retention, and increases for exceptional performance.

4. Develops, submits, and administers budget for assigned functions and activities; supervises and participates in the study of organization operations and services directed and makes recommendations and decisions on change designed to enhance economy, efficiency, and quality of operations and services.

5. Is responsible for liaison and personal contacts with a variety of entities requiring discussion, interpretation, and convincing others on matters of import and for occasionally handling very difficult personal relationships.

6. Exercises overall supervisory responsibility for the preparation, review, and maintenance of a variety of important records and reports; personally prepares reports calling for advanced expertise in area of assignment.

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