Bargaining Unit: Use for all Job Titles
Class Code: 002743

Education and Experience: Education equivalent to graduation from a standard high school and four years of experience in one or more of the following areas: (1) supervising, managing, or directing a computer operations or data processing unit; OR (2) supervising or managing the activities of staff who conduct systems analysis, systems development, or applications programming; OR (3) operating or repairing mainframe or midrange computers, associated peripheral equipment, or telecommunications hardware.


Substitution of Education for Experience: Additional coursework from an accredited college, university, or technical school may be substituted for the required experience on a year for year basis to a maximum substitution of three years (45 quarter hours is equivalent to one year; 90 quarter hours is equivalent to two years; and 135 quarter hours or more is equivalent to three years).


Substitution of Vocational Education for Experience: Education equivalent to a certificate in Data Processing or Computer Electronics (1296 clock hours) from a vocational school may substitute for one year of the required experience. (108 clock hours in the above Data Processing or Computer Electronics program is equivalent to one month of experience).


Substitution of a Computer Operations Certificate for the Required Experience: Education equivalent to successful completion of a one year computer operations certificate program (53 quarter hours) from an accredited technical school may substitute for one year of the required experience. (Four quarter hours in the above program is equivalent to one month of experience).

Other Requirements:

Necessary Special Qualifications: None.

Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100%, for Career Service positions.

Job Overview: Summary: Under general supervision, is responsible for computer operations supervisory work of average difficulty and performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Features: An employee in this class may be required to work fixed or rotating shifts in specific assignments. This work involves (1) supervising a small unit or shift of subordinate remote job entry operators, or (2) assisting a computer operations manager in supervising all personnel at a small remote operations site or, (3) functioning as the only remote job entry operator on a small shift or unit, with supervisory responsibilities over data entry and/or computer operations control personnel, or (4) assisting the Computer Operations Manager at a large and complex computer operations site. This class differs from Distributed and Mainframe Computer Operator 3’s in that incumbents of the latter have no supervisory responsibilities. This class differs from Computer Ops Manager 1 in that incumbents of the latter have more input into policy and planning at their operations site.
Work Activities: 1. Assists in or assigns, trains, evaluates, and supervises subordinate data processing, computer operations, or computer operations control staff and their work; assists in or makes recommendations on staff employment, retention, promotion, demotion, dismissal and other human resources actions.

2. Assists in or plans schedules and determines priorities on all work to be processed or entered into the computer, based on the time frame required and needs of user groups; assists in or plans and schedules work of subordinate staff in order to insure the most efficient processing of data and use of computer operation time.

3. Assists in or supervises and participates in running a number of programs such as operating system backup, maintenance, tape creation and tape retrieval programs; may assist in or supervise and participate in writing, testing, compiling and analyzing format coding for data entry equipment.

4. Assists in or supervises the quality control of data input into the computer and the monitoring of data output for correctness and completeness; identifies computer operations errors and determines and attempts to correct factors causing the errors; consults with computer hardware vendors in correcting equipment malfunctions.

5. Assists in or supervises and participates in operating distributed or mainframe computer systems and their peripheral equipment (i.e., tape drives, disk drives, printers, decollators, sorters, shredders).

6. Installs computer equipment and associated software; trains interdepartmental system users how to operate and use computer equipment and software packages.

7. Consults with systems analytic, programming, or computer operations managerial staff in preparing, planning, and scheduling data for processing and resolving problems affecting the operation of equipment and software packages.

8. Interprets and enforces data processing policies and procedures at the site; may develop and maintain procedures for the operation of data processing equipment.

9. Assists in or supervises and participates in preparing and maintaining routine records and reports (i.e., program error logs, equipment breakdown and malfunction logs, operating and production reports, job documentation cost reports).

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