Gun, car stolen after owner leaves unattended vehicle running

Franklin Police are investigating after a runningunattended vehicle was stolenfrom the parking lot of Holiday Wine and Spirits at 110 N. Royal Oaks Boulevard, Saturday night at 10:20.

The owner had left the vehicle unlocked and running when he went into the store. A young Hispanic male got into the black 2005 Dodge Magnum and drove away. The suspect could be armed, since a handgun was left in the unsecure vehicle.


The tag on the vehicle at the time it was stolen is N 7276 U. A cash reward is being offered for information.

Police urge drivers to never leave their vehicle unattended while runningand to always lock their car doors when valuables are present inside, especially firearms.

If you own a gun, please do everything you can to keep it out of the hands of criminals and kids – because nothing good will come from your gun ending up in the hands of either.

police car

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