Safe in the storm; Rain reminders from Franklin Police

Safe in the storm; Rain reminders from Franklin Police

With sustained rain in the forecast, Franklin Police continue to coordinate with other city departments, the National Weather Service, and public safety agencies throughout Williamson County.

As a reminder:

  • Never drive through flooded roads

  • Consider limiting unnecessary travel, especially after dark

  • Slow down to reduce your chances of hydroplaning

  • Remember to turn on your headlights to increase your visibility to other drivers

  • Do not canoe, kayak, swim, or wade into any river, stream, or floodwater

Parents of teens, consider this:
The danger potential is significant enough that Dr. Snowden and Dr. Looney closed our schools to keep buses and teen drivers off of the roads. Consider keeping your teen driver from getting behind the wheel or riding with another teen driver, especially after dark, until the rain slows and water recedes.

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